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No. Name Cat. Club
102 ABBASSI, Sarah FV35 Unattached
41 ADAMS, Kate FV35 Unattached
129 AITCHISON, James MV50 Garden City Runners
77 ALBON, Rory MS Unattached
76 ALDEGHATHER, Harith MS Unattached
71 ALLUM, Craig MS Unattached
157 ARCHER, Ben MS Unattached
96 ATTREE, Mandy FV45 St Albans Striders
126 BAKER, David MS North Herts Road Runners
144 BARKER, Joe MS London Heathside Runners AC
39 BARRAUD, Jo FV35 Unattached
175 BARRY, Niamh FS North Herts Road Runners
94 BASSANI, Niccolo MS North Herts Road Runners
68 BLACOW, STUART MS Unattached
103 BLAKE, Pernille FV45 Unattached
21 BLAKE, Tania FV35 Unattached
124 BOAR, Christopher MV40 Unattached
86 BOAR, Graham MS Unattached
173 BOWMAN, Emma FV45 Unattached
171 BOYSEN, Natasha FV35 Unattached
45 BROWN, Dawn FV35 Unattached
132 BROWNE, Paul MV40 Unattached
81 BUTT, George MS Unattached
43 CAIRNCROSS, David MV40 Unattached
127 CALLAN, Luke MV40 North Herts Road Runners
118 CARD, Stuart MS Unattached
74 CARLING, Rachel FV35 Unattached
101 CARR, Michelle FV35 Unattached
48 CHANTHONG, Kittiphat MS Unattached
134 CHARLES, Gareth MV40 Unattached
51 CHENG, Gladys FS North Herts Road Runners
32 CHIVERS, Colin MV40 Unattached
55 CLAPHAM, Simon MS Unattached
115 CLARK, Steve MV50 Unattached
116 COAN, Caroline FV35 Unattached
83 COATES, James MS Unattached
181 COETZEE, John MV40 Unattached
46 COLE, Hazel FV35 Unattached
22 COLLIN, Sian FV35 Unattached
2 COLLINS, Oliver MS Unattached
1 COOK, Lindsay FV35 North Herts Road Runners
160 COOPER, John MV50 St Albans Striders
107 COTTOM, Vicky FV35 Fairlands Valley Spartans
92 COURTNEY, Mick MV50 Dunstable RRC
28 COWAN, Sophie FV35 Fairlands Valley Spartans
120 CRAWFORD, Lee MV40 Unattached
47 CREED, Natalie FV35 Unattached
87 CROTON, Louise FS Unattached
156 DALTON, James MV40 North Herts Road Runners
131 DANCKERT, Libby FS Unattached
172 DARLEY, Richard MV50 Garden City Runners
33 DAVIES, Helen FV35 Unattached
36 DAVIS, Geoff MV40 Unattached
35 DAVIS, Sarah FV35 Unattached
3 DEAR, Rory MS Unattached
149 DENNIS, Julie FV45 Unattached
17 DIXON, Katrina FV45 North Herts Road Runners
176 DONNELLY, Andrew MS Unattached
93 DOWNING, Dervla FV35 North Herts Road Runners
52 DREW, James MV40 North Herts Road Runners
44 EATON, Rob MS Unattached
150 ELLIOTT, JUSTIN MV40 Unattached
10 EMMERSON , Claire FV45 Fairlands Valley Spartans
174 FARNFIELD, Marcus MS North Herts Road Runners
140 FARNSWORTH , Trevor MV40 Unattached
72 FORD, Martha FS Biggleswade AC
90 FORREST , Andrew MS Unattached
4 FOSTER, Steve MV40 Unattached
79 FOX, Maxine FV45 Unattached
61 FRANCIS, Jan MV40 Unattached
64 FRANCIS, Penelope FV35 Unattached
69 FREER, Trevor MV60 Unattached
70 GAINES, Tony MV50 Unattached
182 GARLAND, John MV50 Unattached
25 GARRETT, Jenny FV45 Fairlands Valley Spartans
154 GILES , Elaine FV45 Garden City Runners
97 GLENNON, Anthony MS Unattached
82 GOURD, Katherine FS Unattached
121 GREETHAM, Anna FV35 Unattached
168 GRENFELL, Andrew MS Unattached
42 GRIMMER, Claire FV35 Unattached
133 GRUNER, Silke FV35 Unattached
164 HALL, Anna FV35 Unattached
29 HALL, Gary MV40 Unattached
5 HALL, Jonathan MV40 Unattached
108 HALL, Olivia FV35 Unattached
158 HAMER, Sue FV45 Fairlands Valley Spartans
159 HAMERTON , Leanne FV35 Unattached
91 HARBON, Jo FV45 North Herts Road Runners
88 HARDIE, Christopher MV40 Unattached
153 HARKINS, Sally FV55 Unattached
135 HART, Linz MV40 Unattached
20 HARVEY, Gillian FV45 Unattached
19 HARVEY, Mike MV40 Unattached
161 HAWES, Pete MS Unattached
54 HELME, Mervyn MS Unattached
73 HOLIHEAD, Mike MV40 Unattached
100 HOLLOWAY, Natasha FS Unattached
63 HONE, Chris MS Unattached
13 HOPCRAFT, Bob MV60 Unattached
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