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No. Name Cat. Club
6 ALEXANDER, Lucy FV55 Unattached
7 AMEY, Helen FV45 Unattached
12 BEAVIS, Edward MS Unattached
28 BRADLEY, Julia FV35 Unattached
35 BURR, Katherine FV35 North Herts Road Runners
1 COOK, Lindsay FV35 North Herts Road Runners
30 COOK, Sheena FV45 North Herts Road Runners
31 COOPER, John MV50 North Herts Road Runners
24 CROMACK, Helen FV35 Unattached
17 DAGGER, Aimie FV35 Unattached
3 DOGGETT, Sasha FV35 Unattached
23 FORDHAM, Deborah FV35 Unattached
5 GLEW, Rachel FV35 Unattached
51 GOFF, Lucy FS North Herts Road Runners
25 GREETHAM, Anna FV35 Unattached
46 HAWES, Peter MS Unattached
8 HENDERSON, Louise FV45 Unattached
39 HIGGINS , Helen FV35 Unattached
40 HOWARD, Wendy FV35 Unattached
9 HUGHES, Gareth MV40 Unattached
2 HUNT, James MS Unattached
29 INGRAM, Ros FV35 Unattached
13 IVANOSKI-NICHOL, Kirsty FV35 Unattached
50 JONES, Jo FS Unattached
4 KENNEDY, Philip MV50 Unattached
48 KNIGHT, Sarah FS Unattached
52 LAWRENCE, Ashley MS Unattached
33 LENNON-CHRIMES, Sian FV35 Unattached
54 LIBERTY, Barbara FV45 Unattached
38 LLOYD, Stephen MV40 Unattached
36 MASON, Stu MS Unattached
18 MCLEOD , Catherine FV35 Unattached
53 MCMILLAN, Amanda FV35 North Herts Road Runners
19 MILLER, Emma FS Unattached
43 MILLER, Helen FV45 Unattached
47 NOTLEY, Kelly FV35 Unattached
11 PARKER, Sacha FS Unattached
22 PHILLIPS, Angela FV45 Unattached
21 PHILLIPS, John MV50 Unattached
27 PHILLIPS, Natalie FS Unattached
49 REID, Gemma FV35 Team Trisports
34 ROBINS, Beth FS Unattached
44 ROSE, Fiona FV35 Unattached
14 RUBY, Eileen FV35 Unattached
15 SAVILLE, Jen FV45 Unattached
10 SCAPLEHORN, Andy MV40 Unattached
26 SEYMOUR, Lucy FS Unattached
42 SMITH, Fiona FS Unattached
32 SMITH, Lucy FV35 Unattached
41 THOMSON, Alex MS Unattached
16 WALKER, Stephen MS Unattached
20 WATSON, Thomas MS Unattached
37 WEST, Steven MV50 Unattached
45 WHITEHURST, Helen FV45 Unattached