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No. Name Cat. Club
AULD, John MS North Herts Road Runners
BARFIELD, Zoe FV35 Unattached
BROWNE, Paul MV40 Unattached
CLEMENTS, Andy MS Unattached
CODD, Glynis FV55 Unattached
CRAWFORD , Lee MV40 Unattached
DEMPSEY, Bethany FV35 Unattached
DRAPER, Dean MV40 Unattached
FOX, Rob MS Unattached
FRANCIS, Jan MV40 Unattached
FRANCIS, Penelope FV35 Unattached
GEE, Will MS Unattached
GILCHRIST, Lee MV40 Unattached
GIRDLER, Paula FV35 Unattached
GRANT, Duncan MS Unattached
GREEN, Dave MV40 Unattached
HUGGILL, Samuel MS Unattached
KIRK, Steve MS Unattached
KITCHENER, Steve MV50 North Norfolk Beach Runners
LANGTON, Dean MS Unattached
LENNON-CHRIMES, Sian FV35 Unattached
MARRINAN, Patrick MS Unattached
NEWSTEAD, Rachel FS London Heathside Runners AC
O'BRIEN, Katherine FV35 Unattached
PARRY, Rebecca FV35 Vegan Runners
PASSEY, Richard MS Unattached
QUAYLE , Carina FV55 North Herts Road Runners
REEVE, Martin MV40 Unattached
ROACH, Laura FS Unattached
SANAN, Luci FS Unattached
SAUNDERSON, Ceri FV35 Unattached
SETTERFIELD, Craig MS Unattached
SLATER, Claire FV45 Unattached
SPARKES, Ian MS Unattached
WARD, Brian MS Unattached
WEBER, Richard MV40 Unattached
WINTER, Kayleigh FS Unattached
WOODS, Jonathan MV50 Unattached